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Developing, adapting and creating are words that drive who I am. Currently, I am a student at the University of Oklahoma studying a mix of Public Relations and Psychology. I am passionate about my studies because of my love for understanding human behavior and designing creative content. From there I enjoy putting ideas into words, bringing stories to life and consulting clients in establishing a meaningful vision.

My future plans are to pursue a masters degree in Counseling to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). In addition to my passion for the media, facilitating human development and personal growth brings me fulfillment. I’m excited to learn more about human functions and therapy strategies in hopes of applying these skills to my daily life and work.

In my spare time I am a Younglife leader for Norman High-School, which is a Christian mentorship program and have spent many summers working as a counselor at New Life Ranch. My favorite college experience thus far is spending a semester studying in London.

In my life I hope to see many world-renowned sights, read great literature, experience diverse cultures, learn from the people I’m around, create beautiful ideas, write inspiring pieces, speak powerful words and somehow change the world in the process. This blog is a record of my random stream of thoughts and ideas based on my life experiences. It is a record of what I’ve learned, what interests me, and what I believe. Enjoy!

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