Three Books that Should Be on Your Favorites List

History has always fascinated me. Looking at people and events from the past has always given me a guide for how I want to approach my future. My interest in history paired with my love of reading explains the stack of historical fiction novels resting on my bookshelf. When browsing a book store I’m usually[…]

Who are Anthropologie’s Customers?

I had so much fun this week creating personas for the Anthropologie brand. Researching Anthropologie’s brand management and social media marketing gave me a front row seat to experts at work.  Anthropologie marketers are geniuses in their craft.  They have created a brand that is entirely rooted in serving their specified “one customer”.  They tailor[…]

Capturing Moments

Last summer I interned with Resolute PR-a small PR firm nestled right in the heart of downtown Tulsa.  I thoroughly enjoyed my summer working in their unique co-working space alongside their vibrant, innovative employees.  Interning for a relatively new company made for a much richer experience.  Their client base has been consistently growing since their launch[…]

Social Media Psyche

For my Social Media Marketing class, we created Facebook pages for fictional characters to practice designing a cohesive brand. Below is the link to a Facebook page I created for Draco Malfoy and a Google Doc that provides further information.

Reflecting Sunlight

The stained glass windows of the Sagrada Familia Basilica have changed my life. God spoke to me through the sun that streamed in, making the glass images ravishing in the glory of sunlight.  A stained glass window is made up of broken pieces, each with one or two colors that make up a large and[…]