Capturing Moments

Last summer I interned with Resolute PR-a small PR firm nestled right in the heart of downtown Tulsa.  I thoroughly enjoyed my summer working in their unique co-working space alongside their vibrant, innovative employees.  Interning for a relatively new company made for a much richer experience.  Their client base has been consistently growing since their launch around three years ago, which means they had plenty of work for me to do and I loved every minute of it.  One of my favorite types of assignments was photography.  After spending a semester taking pictures in Europe, an interest in photography was fostered.  This interest grew into a love through my experiences taking pictures for different client events, conferences and concerts.  During my summer I photographed the Professional Golf Association (PGA) news conference at Southern Hills Country Club, Barron Ryan’s “Classic Meets Cool” classical piano concert and an orthodontist’s one-eyed dog.

Photography is an enjoyable hobby because it is rooted in capturing special moments.  Pictures make memories tangible and eternal. Every time I look at a certain picture on my wall I am immediately transported to the sunrise hike in Edinburgh, Scotland or the snowy overnight bus ride I took to Amsterdam.  Memories are sacred and special. I’m overwhelmingly thankful for the opportunities I had this summer to bring to life special moments for clients. Here are some of my favorite moments I have captured thus far. See more of my work here

Barron Ryan – “Classic Meets Cool”

Luxe – Room Remodel


Professional Golf Association – Southern Hills Country Club Conference

Carter Family Orthodontics – Social Media Campaign

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