Celebration of People


Celebrate: to praise widely; proclaim; make known publicly; commemorate

The holidays are approaching. Holiday’s are synonymous with celebrations. Isn’t that what holidays are-a celebration of something special and unique? They are celebrations of historical or futuristic moments that seem to change the pace of the world. Christmas is the celebration of a moment in history.  It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, which is done by nativity scenes, angels topping off Christmas trees and homes decorated in ribbons, nutcrackers and twinkling lights. New Years Eve is the celebration of a moment in the future.  It is the celebration of the new year by popping bottles of champagne, kissing at midnight, confetti, and sparkly dresses.   Celebrations are the essence of the holiday season and I’ve realized how much I have grown to cherish this concept. The concept of celebration is beautiful when you really begin to ponder it.

As I began to consider the intrinsic value of celebration, I began to think of how we rarely spend time celebrating people. People are God’s workmanship-his masterpiece of creation. The Sistine Chapel is packed every day with people admiring and celebrating Michelangelo’s masterpiece that is painted upon the ceiling. Dancers continue to perform renditions of Swan Lake, which was first composed thousands of years ago. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony has been used in ballets and performed in concert halls continuously within the last millennium to celebrate the beauty his combination of notes produced. It is a natural instinct to praise and celebrate the masterpieces of human civilization. However, it is difficult for us to celebrate the masterpiece God has done in creating ourselves. Instead of promoting his creation, we slander, covet and shame it. We speak ill of people, envy others and in the process shame both ourselves and others. It is an unnecessary, counterproductive cycle.

Instead of being trapped in this cycle, I want to be a person that celebrates others. That is how I want people to describe me. I want to be a person that believes I am God’s masterpiece. I want to take confidence in how God desired for me to be brought into existence. He didn’t have to make me-he chose to. He could have done away with me had I not been up to par after he breathed into me life, but instead he called me good. He kept me. He wanted me. It is vital I step out in faith in that truth. Then, with this confidence, I want to see people. I don’t want to just look at people like we look at stoplights and electric poles-registering their existence, but nothing more. I want to see God in people. I want to see people’s personalities, humor, talents, joys, woes, quirks, habits and emotions and I want to celebrate them. I desire for people to know how much their creator craves their love and attention by seeing and praising the God-like qualities in others. I want to point out the Godly resemblance in people to show them where they truly belong. Because that is all this life is for: It is about helping people find their home in Christ as his children and members of the church. While we celebrate special moments during this holiday season,  I invite people to join me in my journey of actively celebrating not only matters of this world, but the people who belong outside this world, in order to lead them home.

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