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Today my friend sent me this video.  He said it made him think of me and thought I would enjoy it.  And he was correct-so overwhelmingly correct. I wanted to write about it because that’s what I do when I’m inspired.  However, I realized very quickly that there is no need for my own words.  This video said it all-I really have nothing left to say.  It is everything I believe in and gave me something new to believe in. So watch this video because it will most likely inspire, refresh, captivate, release and move you. And if for some reason it does none of those things-I promise you it is nothing short of beautiful and will give you much to admire and smile about. There is really no reason to not click the link below. Enjoy!

Watch this video https://vimeo.com/142460835?ref=fb-share


*picture taken from video.

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