A Summer of Light

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As I drove home from another summer spent at New Life Ranch, memories began to unfold in mind. Memories of creek hikes where we floated down the creek on our backside staring at the blue sky while feeling the ripple of water tickle our cheeks, hiking up to 40-acres of green grass and watching as my campers marveled at the beauty and glory of God displayed in the vastness of the field and sky, buoying between two trees in a hammock and falling asleep beneath the stars, lathering up in mud and waiting to ambush other people because being messy and wet is just part of the culture are sweet moments that make me smile.

Camp is its own world and has its own culture. Having mud on your face or dripping wet with creek water or having painted handprints on your clothes or wearing a costume or yelling as loud as you can during meal times is not only acceptable but expected. And what a great summer it was being steeped in such a culture.  It was a time to forget appearances and the things of this world that we so often worry about-a time to think outside yourself and ponder the wonders of the Almighty God.  It was a time to enter into a deeper relationship with Him. It was a time to sit back and watch as God performed miraculous acts.  It was a time to marvel at who God is and laugh at myself for trying to accomplish things of my own accord. It was a time to rest in Gods presence and grace. It was a time to speak life into the depths of peoples’ souls.  It was a time for awareness of the dilemma that our world is facing-how the people have been numb to the gospel for generations.  People don’t know the meaning of the phrase “Christ died for our sins” or how it sets them free.  People aren’t aware of the power of Jesus coming back to life and how it means we can die to our petty selves and rise again with him. People don’t understand that we can be set free from ourselves finally. We live in a time of apathy and this summer was a time to inspire those plagued with complacent emotions. This summer was a summer of freedom, life, a release of control, and a breaking of heavy chains.  If I were to write a book about my summer I would title it “The Story of Light”, and not just because of my lightened hair and the many hours I spent absorbing sunshine, but because I saw the way the light of Christ interceded in peoples lives.  I saw it break up the darkness and serve as a light house, which led people home.

And speaking of light, in Blue Like Jazz Donald Miller writes “My brilliant friend Mitch says that light, unlike anything else in the universe, is not affected by time.  Light, he says, exists outside of time.  He tells me it has something to do with how fast it travels and that it is eternal, but it is still a mystery to physicists”.  God reveals his glory in science and creation.  He created light to be outside of time so we may understand how He, the true light, is outside time and much outside our level of comprehension. He hides clues of his majesty within the fundaments of science. What a magnificent and creative God he is. Here’s to the light of God being revealed in my favorite little valley.

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