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Staring at a notebook compiled of lengthy, detailed notes, an OU student attempts to absorb the information for her upcoming final exam. Yet the words continue to blur together despite constant efforts to focus, because her mind fixates on the buzzing fly circling her left ear, the sun’s scorching heat grazing the right side of her face, the stiffness of the picnic bench beneath the seat, and the uncomfortable tickle of long grass blades, which cause her to scratch her ankles every couple seconds.

This situation probably seems oddly familiar.

With final exams approaching, it is vital for students to identify the most effective studying locations. Otherwise, students will attempt to study yet find themselves overwhelmingly distracted by their surroundings, resulting in dissatisfactory exam grades.

Every student has a diverse ways of processing information, which is why every person develops their own studying habits and tactics unique to them.

For instance, some people choose to study in rooms so silent that usually unnoticeable sounds like clock ticking sounds like the loud pounding of a drum and pen dropping, like the release of a cannon ball. Whereas others may crave, even need, a steady hum of background noise in order to lose themselves completely in their studies. Then, there are those who simply prefer a happy medium—the perfect blend of hushed background noise. It all depends on each individuals preference and mentality.

Great Reading Room

There is nothing quite like the Great Reading Room. Located in the Bizzell Library, NewsOK called it “one of the most beautiful rooms in Oklahoma.” Although the large wooden doors creak upon opening, this noise is swallowed by the silence of the room, which immediately crashes over the person entering like an ocean wave. One of the most populated rooms during finals week, it is many peoples first image when thinking about OU.

This vicinity deeply engages human’s visual and auditory senses. For those who need silence to focus, the Great Reading Room is their academic heaven because even the softest noise triggers glares from surrounding students. Freshman Peyton Vann, said he loves the Great Reading Room because the appearance gives off “the classic library atmosphere” that triggers a desire to learn and absorb knowledge.

With tiled floors, ancient books lining the walls, Gothic-styled lanterns, long tables, and vast, curved windows, the Great Reading Room’s appearance inspires many students to devote themselves to learning. For those who crave silence and an Ivy League inspired appearance, the Great Reading Room will satisfy these students to the highest degree.

Gaylord Hall

Two potential locations that remain under students’ radar are the vicinity of open tables in Gaylord Hall and the Beaird Lounge in the Student Union. In Gaylord Hall, lies an open area with long and wide wooden tables, which students use to sprawl out with all their books and notes. Other areas on campus can be cramped and narrow, which make studying large amounts of material difficult. But this area has long stretches of open space that are just waiting to be utilized

Large windows line one wall, which allow sunlight to flood the room. This natural lighting creates a peaceful and calming mood, ensuring great studying success said OU Sophomore Madi Duncan.

This area, though located in a populated building, is removed from the constant traffic of students and faculty. Usually there are several students studying in this spot and periodically a stream of peopling walking by conversing in soft tones.

Beaird Lounge

Tucked away on the second floor of the Student Union, is the Beaird Lounge, which OU’s Student Union webpage calls “OU’s living room”. This lounge overflows with comfy arm chairs and couches, thick rugs, a large fireplace, interesting artwork, and several floor to ceiling windows.

Freshman Annie Carpenter describes this room as “cozy” and “warmly inviting”.

This room is usually fairly quiet, but the onset of noise doesn’t startle anyone or prompt glares like in the Great Reading Room. Frequently there is someone playing the piano, but it is usually a calming melody.

Freshman John Grunewald said the rooms “give off a good vibe” and explained there is a nearby computer lab he uses frequently.

Both of these studying locations have a constant surge of soft background noise, which lulls some people into a perfectly focused stupor.

Schooner Room

Then, there are those personalities that require larger amounts of noise in order to reach a focused state of mind and constant study breaks to avoid boredom. The Schooner Room in the Union satisfies both of these needs. OU Alumni Doug Castle described his experience with studying in the Schooner Room.

“The main reason I studied there was that I always wanted the option of suspending my studies for social interaction”.

Conversations and background noise constantly flow, varying at different levels. Some people have restless personalities and can’t sit in a quiet area for long periods of time. The Schooner Room accommodates these types of students.

With high-walled booths, constant access to many diverse food options, and the potential for social interaction, the Schooner Room continues to be a favorite and successful studying location on campus.

Every student is unique; therefore each location across campus contains exclusive characteristics, providing ideal studying vicinities for each personality type.


















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